NaNoWriMo Day #5

Today I got about 1700 words, so write on track but not making up for yesterday -- though I do have words banked.

I'm not actually sure why I'm even worrying, since this isn't my main NaNoWriMo project, though if this takes much longer I might have to "cheat" and make the 50k a combo of both projects.

Winning NaNo isn't really the important part, though. Getting a chunk of AC #4 written during NaNo is so that I can continue the tradition. And I will.

I am finding, with the other story, that my pace has slowed the past two days because of research (okay, and it not being the weekend). There's a lot of science and due to the nature of this project I can't just leave myself a note to research or fix things later like I might during a usual draft or NaNo project where the point is to get the words on the page.

Either way, I do like how things are shaping up, though I still worry. Is it interesting? Do I have the right POVs? Is it in the tense? Am I doing the story justice. Etc. Even today I realized I'd left out some crucial science and had to go back in and add it.

How's your story going?


Sarah said...

Great post! Good luck on your book. I'm not writing a novel this November (no time, although I have at least 2 that I need to get on paper – maybe next year). But there's a round robin Twitter event an online used book seller is running for NaNoWriMo. It's a good way to participate in NaNoWriMo in a small way, or even get over writers block by contributing to the story. Thought you'd have fun participating!

Juli D. Revezzo said...

I started late but I'm up to about almost 3000 words...ooh, big deal, I know. I'll get there. :) I hope!